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Status: Conduction MVP test for medical accreditation


Weight Capacity: 200kg - 300kg


Medical Accreditation: Compliant with the highest medical standards for industrialized countries, ensuring safety and reliability in healthcare settings.


Global Accessibility: Catering to worldwide hospital needs, Fabrebeds is designed to meet the diverse requirements of medical facilities across the globe.


Sustainability Features:


Decarbonization: Pioneering the effort to decarbonize the medical industry, Fabrebeds is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting a greener healthcare sector.


Material: Constructed using advanced polyester extraction technology from recycled textile waste, contributing to the reduction of environmental footprint and promoting circular economy practices.


Eco-Friendly Design: Patented design that not only prioritizes sustainability but also maximizes functionality and comfort for patients.


Technical Specifications:


Weight Capacity: With an impressive weight capacity ranging from 200kg to 300kg, Fabrebeds surpasses traditional hospital beds, ensuring stability and support for a diverse range of patients.


Dimensions: Adhering to standard hospital bed dimensions, providing compatibility with existing hospital infrastructure.


Durability: Engineered for long-lasting performance, the bed frame is durable and resistant to wear, guaranteeing a reliable and robust solution for healthcare facilities.


Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, Fabrebeds ensures a hygienic environment in healthcare settings, essential for patient well-being.


Quiet Operation: Smooth and quiet adjustments enhance patient comfort and minimize disturbances, promoting a restful healing environment.


Customization Options: Available in various configurations to accommodate specific medical requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to diverse healthcare settings.


Comprehensive Support: Facilitates optimal patient care with features that prioritize both the medical staff and patient's needs, promoting a holistic healthcare experience.


Fabrebeds Eco-Hospital Bed Frame represents a revolutionary step towards sustainability in the medical industry, offering enhanced weight capacity, global accessibility, and cutting-edge ecological design for hospitals committed to both patient care and environmental responsibility.

Fabrebeds Eco-Hospital Bed Frame

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