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Material: Main Material: Pineapple fiber (Piñatex®️)

Thread Count (TC): Thread counts for hospital bed sheets often range  from 130 to 300 TC.


Note: Lower thread counts (around 130 to 180 TC) are often chosen for their breathability and coolness, suitable for warmer environments.
Higher thread counts (around 200 to 300 TC) offer a smoother and softer feel, providing comfort for patients during extended stays. (We can customize for our clients)

Weight (Grams per Square Meter - GSM): 

  • Hospital bed sheet weights can vary, but a common range is between 130 to 180 GSM.
  • Lighter weight sheets (around 130 to 150 GSM) are often chosen for their breathability and ease of laundering.(We customize for our clients)




Biodegradable: Made from sustainably sourced pineapple fibers, the bed sheets are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


Hypoallergenic: Ideal for hospital use, the sheets are hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions and ensuring patient comfort.


Breathable: The sheets allow for optimal air circulation, promoting ventilation and contributing to a comfortable sleeping environment.


Moisture-Wicking: Designed to wick away moisture, keeping patients dry and comfortable throughout their stay.


Durable: Despite being biodegradable, these sheets are durable and resilient, with a long-lasting quality suitable for hospital use.


Antimicrobial: The sheets possess natural antimicrobial properties, promoting a hygienic environment in healthcare settings.


Easy Care: Low-maintenance and easy to care for, these sheets can withstand frequent laundering without compromising their quality.


Sizes Available:180x90cm


Packaging: Each set of bed sheets is packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.


Compliance:Meets the highest medical accreditationCompliant with environmental protection


Usage Recommendations:Suitable for hospital beds and medical facilities.


Environmental Impact:The production and disposal of these bed sheets have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to traditional materials.Note: Piñatex®️ is a registered trademark for a pineapple-based textile.

Biodegradable Hospital Bed Sheets from Pineapple Fibers

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