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Hotel Room

Our Service

FABRECO collects old luxury sheets at regular intervals. We work with hotels to collect used linens, recycles the materials and produce new luxury linens, ensuring a smooth and efficient circular economy. 

FABRECO is dedicated to demonstrating our environmental responsibility. We understand that the image of a five-star hotel is not only about luxury and hospitality but also about a commitment to sustainability. By partnering with FABRECO and utilizing our recycled luxury fabric covers, hotels are not only enhancing their reputation but also actively contributing to environmental responsibility. We believe that a positive image combined with a commitment to environmentally friendly practices can differentiate our clients in a competitive market and strengthen their position as leaders in the hospitality industry.


Our process

Transportation to the Recycling Center:

We actively transport the collected sheets to the Fabreco recycling center. Our approach involves seamless coordination with logistics partners to ensure not only timely but also cost-effective delivery, reflecting our commitment to efficient operations.

Sorting and Quality Check:

Upon reaching our recycling center, our dedicated team sorts the sheets based on material type and condition. Rigorous checks are performed to assess the suitability of the sheets for mechanical recycling, underscoring our meticulous attention to quality assurance.


The selected sheets undergo a meticulous shredding process, employing cutting-edge mechanical shredders. This crucial step breaks down the fabric into smaller, recyclable pieces or fibers, aligning with our dedication to sustainable material processing.


The crushed material undergoes a thorough cleaning process to eliminate impurities like dirt or residual substances. This commitment to cleanliness ensures that the recycled fibers maintain high quality and meet our stringent standards for reuse.

Thread Production:

The cleaned fibers are transformed into threads through precision spinning or threading processes. This strategic step involves aligning and twisting the fibers into continuous threads, laying the foundation for the creation of new, sustainable fabrics.

Weaving or Knitting:

These newly produced threads are skillfully utilized in weaving or knitting machines, tailored to craft fabrics that align with our client's desired end products. Our approach ensures flexibility to meet specific standards and patterns, adapting to diverse fabric needs, including the creation of luxury bed sheets.


Customization for Hotel Standards:

Fabreco collaborates closely with hotels to customize the new sheets, tailoring them to meet exacting standards. Whether it's selecting specific colors, and patterns, or incorporating distinctive hotel branding, our commitment to customization enhances the personalized touch of the final product.


Quality Control:

Quality control is an integral part of our manufacturing process. We implement rigorous measures to ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds the high standards expected of luxury bed sheets. This includes comprehensive testing for durability, softness, and other critical quality parameters.


Packaging and Shipping:

After successfully passing our quality control measures, the new luxury sheets are meticulously packaged and shipped back to the hotel. Our commitment to efficient logistics ensures the seamless delivery of new linens within the specified time frame.


Installation in the Hotel:

Upon receipt, hotel staff seamlessly integrate the new sheets into guest rooms, upholding the luxurious standards expected by discerning guests. This final step reflects our dedication to a holistic and efficient process, ensuring customer satisfaction at every stage.

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